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What is tokenproof? Why use tokenproof? How to get started?

What is tokenproof?

tokenproof connects Web3 to the world by powering token-based experiences both online and IRL that unlock utility and connect fans with the communities and brands they love.

Why Use tokenproof?

tokenproof delivers powerful token-based experiences for both Users and Verifiers

For Users Prove ownership of tokens online and in the real-world events without needing your web3 wallet. Unlock endless possibilities and unlimited use-cases to leverage the power of your tokens without the risk of theft. Set your token collection free today with complete peace of mind.

For Verifiers Leverage the most advanced token-gating solution available, with customizable access policies, granular configuration options, and powerful analytics. Build consumer awareness of your brand and engage with new audiences using token-based experiences. These are just some of the ways you can use your tokens with tokenproof:

Powerful New Experiences Driven by Tokens

As token ownership becomes increasingly mainstream, established brands are entering web3 as a way to captivate new audiences, build communities, and appeal to existing consumers. We give these brands the tools to offer experiences, products, and reward programs based on token ownership.

Safer Proof of Ownership

Throughout the online world, individuals and organizations regularly need to prove token ownership to access specific benefits (for example: to gain entry to a Discord server or log into a token-gated site). Similarly, e-commerce merchants are joining the scene and offering unique benefits and targeted discounts to owners of specific tokens using. As these new use-cases become our new reality, there is an immediate need for a safe solution for proving ownership. The requirement for users to connect their actual wallets is highly impractical and unsafe.

To solve for this, tokenproof allows individuals and organizations to carry proof of ownership that links their wallets directly to their mobile device. As a result, token owners can easily authenticate ownership of their digital assets by generating a tokenproof while keeping their actual tokens safe in their wallet.

Our Customers

Below is a list of just some of the brands and communities that trust tokenproof to power their experiences.

Getting Started With tokenproof

If you'd like to use tokenproof to power token-based experiences, please contact us at

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