Linking Your Wallet: Ledger

Step-by-step Instructions

Before you begin, make sure you have the following ready:

  • A computer (Mac or PC)

  • A smartphone device with the tokenproof app from the iOS or Google Play stores

  • A Ledger Nano S, S Plus, or X

  • Ledger Live desktop application

  1. Go to the tokenproof enrollment site and click on 'Connect Wallet' and select WalletConnect from the list of wallet providers.

  1. Click on 'Copy the QR URI' beneath the QR code.

  1. Navigate to your Ledger Live desktop app and click on the account you want to use in the Accounts section. In the top right corner, click the 'WalletConnect' icon (looks like a W).

  1. Paste the QR Code URI you copied in Step 3 and click 'Connect'.

Note: Ledger requires you paste the QR URI within a short time frame. If you receive an error message, refresh the tokenproof website and obtain a new QR URI by repeating steps 1-3. You must also refresh the WalletConnect app within Ledger Live. Click “refresh” above the error message.

  1. Click 'Accept' when prompted to connect with tokenproof and follow Ledger Live’s instructions on how to sign the message request.

  1. You have successfully enrolled your Ledger Wallet with tokenproof 🎉

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