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Who is a Verifier?

A verifier is any individual or brand that would like to use tokenproof to power their token-gates online or in real-world locations.

For example:

  • Event organizers that would like to use NFTs as tickets to allow access events with tokenproof managing token verification at entrances.

  • Owners of physical locations that would like to verify ownership of NFTs or other tokens at real-world spaces. For example: retail shops providing exclusive benefits to token holders, fitness clubs issuing membership passes as NFTs, or restaurants offering special discounts to token holders.

  • Online products or services using token-gates to provide access to websites and applications. For example: using tokens to log in to sites instead of traditional web2 authentication, e-commerce retailers offering discounts to specific token-holders, or NFT projects that would like to build an allowlist based on other tokens held.

tokenproof delivers a seamless token-gate solution with customizable access policies, granular configuration options, and powerful analytics for verifiers that need to authenticate consumer tokens for any purpose.

Build consumer awareness of your brand and engage with new audiences using discounts or benefits for token-holding consumers everywhere.

tokenproof allows tokens to be used online or for entry to events, fitness clubs, restaurants, or any other token-gated venue, product, or service.

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