Our Vision and Ethos

  • We believe that cryptographic tokens and NFTs will become ubiquitous, both online and in the real world.

  • We believe that communities and brands will need to prove ownership of cryptographic tokens on a frequent basis in order to access services, places, events, and other benefits.

  • We believe that brands will need new tools to seamlessly manage token verification to provide consumers with a frictionless experience.

  • We believe in the privacy of token holders and protecting their identity.

  • We believe that token safety can be enhanced without relinquishing token custody.

  • We believe that users, particularly early adopters of platforms and services in the web3 space, should be rewarded with token-based benefits.

  • We believe in decentralization, interoperability, and the use of open standards.

  • We believe there is always room for improvement and welcome contributors.

  • We hate seeing individuals fall victims to scams, theft, or loss of their valuable digital assets.

  • We realize our environment is fluid, and our technology will continually evolve. We are building for the long term and plan on being here to progressively add value for decades to come.

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