Verifier Tools

Step-by-step Instructions

If conflicts arise while scanning with tokenproof, we’ve built the tokenproof Verifier Tools to further analyze the issue.

Activating Verifier Tools

  1. Tap the Settings icon from the scan screen.

  2. Tap Verifier Tools and toggle to turn on.

  3. Enter the Verification Policy pin.

Using Verifier Tools

  1. After a denied scan, tap the diagnostics icon found on the upper left corner of the tokenproof Verifier app.

  2. This view will display helpful information about the user, such as the following:

    • User’s tokenproof app version

    • Whether they’ve re-entered the venue more times than your event allows (if you chose to enable ‘Re-entry control’ prior to the event)

    • Whether the address that was scanned owns an eligible token

  3. Verifiers can manually allow the user into the event despite their tokenproof credential being declined.

Note: if the rejected user is allowed entrance, please tap on ‘Allow Rejected’ so the verifier can have the correct event analytics, such as post-event wallet addresses and total number of guests scanned.

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