Event Page

tokenproof allows you to customize your event page and in-app tickets through the Portal. We've made it easy for you by creating a Figma template with the size and formats of the event banner, the ticket stub, and your host picture. Templates for other design software coming soon.

Accessing the starter template

  1. Click on the Figma icon on the banner that says Download Our Starter Template.

  2. You will be redirected to a Figma community page where you can opem the template in Figma.

  3. Once you've opened the file, head to the left side of the window in Figma and find the Pages tab.

  4. There will be an Event Page, Tickets, and Host Profiles page with the dimensions for each.

Minimum dimension for banner upload are 2160 x 1350px with an aspect ratio of 4:2.5. The Portal page will allow you to see the "safe area" of your banner, where your main text or image should fall in order to be visible on all devices and browsers.

Ticket Design

Minimum dimension for the ticket design are 1600 x 496px with an aspect ratio of 100:31. In addition to being able to upload the banner image for the mobile ticket, you will also be able to change the color of the stub and its text.

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