Add a NFT / token requirement

Creating a Token Gate

A token gate will require users to own a specific NFT or crypto token before purchasing a ticket. tokenproof has some of the most advanced token-gating capabilities on the market with a wide range of configuration options.

1. Enable "Restricted Availability"

Click the Restricted Availability toggle on the ticket you'd like to add token gating to.

2. Click "Token Requirement"

3. Select a Blockchain

Use the search input to find the blockchain of the token you'd like to check for. tokenproof supports over 40 blockchains and shared contracts.

The following shared contracts are supported:

  • POAP

  • OpenSea Storefront

4. Search For Tokens

Once you've selected your blockchain, search for your token using the collection name or contract address.

Enter Token Manually

If your token doesn't appear in the search results, you can enter it manually by clicking Add Manually.

Currently POAPs, OpenSea Shared Storefront collections, and Nifty Gateway collections must be entered manually. Support for searching these contracts is coming soon.

5. Define Minimum Quantity

Define the number of tokens a user is required to hold to be eligible for this ticket type.

6. Configure Conditions

After selecting your tokens, choose whether users must own Any or All of the added tokens.

  • Any: Users will only be required to own one of the added tokens to claim the ticket

  • All: Users will be required to own all of the added tokens to claim a ticket

7. Optional: Add Metadata Requirements

Optionally, you may allow only holders of tokens with specific attributes/metadata to claim a ticket.

Editing a Token Gate

Guide coming soon.

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