Implementing a Token Gate

Verifiers will be able to use the tokenproof Portal to configure their token gate. The Portal enables users to define the necessary requirements and customize the access policies for their token-gates.

A Verifier will be able to set up a verification policy with unique rules governing who will be allowed through their token gate, with granular customization options available. For example: an access policy may require a user to own a CryptoPunk or Bored Ape Yacht Club token for longer than 90 days to proceed through the token-gate, allow users who hold more than 50 ETH to proceed through the token-gate, or disallow the re-use of eligible tokens once they have been previously used in the same token-gate. These examples are just some of the powerful customization rules that can be defined as part of the verification policy.

Once a token gate is configured, it can be transferred to the tokenproof Verifier Mobile App for immediate operation at real-world events.

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