Linking Your Wallet: MyNearWallet (Desktop)

  1. First, download the tokenproof app from the iOS or Google Play Store. Once the tokenproof app is installed, use your desktop to navigate to the tokenproof’s MyNearWalet connection site.

  1. Select the “Get A Wallet” option.

  1. You will be taken to MyNearWallet’s enrollment page, where you can either create an account or import an existing account.

  1. If creating a new account, you will be given the option of choosing how to secure your wallet: with a secure 12-word phrase or by connecting your ledger hardware wallet.

    If you choose the secure passphrase, NEAR will provide you a combination of 12 unique words. Write these words down, and do not share them with anyone. Store them somewhere safe — preferably not on an electronic device. NEAR will then ask you to verify one of your words.

  1. NOTE: To connect, you will need to hold at least 0.25 NEAR in your wallet. Top off your account with one of NEAR’s purchasing options.

  2. Return to tokenproof’s NEAR wallet connection site and click Connect Wallet.

  1. Select your new MyNearWallet and click “Next.” You will be asked to sign a contract to connect and be taken back to tokenproof’s wallet connection page where you will scan a QR code with your phone to connect your NEAR account to your mobile wallet. Signing this contract and scanning the QR code lets us ensure you’re the owner of the wallet you’re connecting to tokenproof.

  1. Set up is complete! You’ll find your MyNearWallet in the tokenproof app.

If you experience any issues or need help, contact us at

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