Scanning Tickets

Step-by-step Instructions

If you have not already imported the verifier policy, please follow this guide.


  1. Scan the tokenproof Event Ticket on your guest’s screen with the tokenproof Verifier App.

  1. Once the tokenproof Event Ticket has been scanned, the tokenproof Verifier will either display a “tokenproof Approved” or “tokenproof Denied” message.

To better asses an issue or reason for rejection, refer to the Verifier Tools guide.

Check-in Manually

  1. If the user’s ticket QR code is not scanning, try “Manual Check-in” found at the bottom of the Verifier app’s scanning screen. On your guest’s app, click ‘View details’ below their QR code. At the bottom of their screen, you will see a 'Ticket ID'. Input this into your Verifier app.

Verifier Analytics

  1. As guests enter an event, Verifiers can keep track of unique guests and total scans. We break down total guests by specific ticket types for ticketed events. This can be found via the ‘Analytics’ icon on the upper left corner of the tokenproof Verifier app.

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