Offline Use Cases

How tokenproof can be used in the real world


Accessing Events

tokenproof enables attendees to use their tokens to gain access to token-gated at the event, without requiring them to touch their wallets where the actual tokens are held.

Proving Organization Membership

Organizations can now choose to tokenize the credentials that they provide to members. For example: fitness clubs, universities, or co-working spaces may leverage tokens allowing members to access facilities, meals, or other benefits. tokenproof can be used to validate membership while protecting the privacy of the member.

Validating Loyalty Program Membership

Businesses with existing loyalty programs can now tokenize program membership credentials. For example: airlines, restaurant chains, or entertainment venues. tokenproof can facilitate the verification of these tokens by allowing members to display a QR code on their mobile devices.

Claiming Unique Benefits in Retail

Established retail brands are offering exclusive benefits to holders of certain tokens or NFTs. Retailers can choose to create their own tokens, or offer unique benefits to third-party token holders. tokenproof can be used to securely facilitate access and verify eligibility for benefits both in retail and e-commerce stores.

Accessing Token-Gated Physical Spaces

Owners of physical locations or shared facilities can tokenize keys and passes used to access these spaces. tokenproof enables individuals to use tokens to gain access to office buildings, hotels, or Airbnb's with less friction.

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