How does tokenproof actually work?

tokenproof allows users to prove ownership of NFTs and other tokens online and in real-world events without needing to expose them to third parties. tokenproof binds your wallet account with your mobile device through a tokenproof token for seamless authentication without the risk of theft or loss.

Verifiers can configure a token gate for every purpose, from event access to joining a project's allowlist, or claiming a role in a Discord server. For example: Verifiers could create a token gate that requires someone to have a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to access a new project's pre-sale allowlist. With tokenproof, you can prove ownership of your BAYC token without connecting the wallet that actually holds the NFT for enhanced security and privacy.

What is the tokenproof credential?

The tokenproof credential is a proof-of-ownership document that makes it possible to bind your wallet account with your mobile device. Once you have the credential in the tokenproof Mobile App, you’re able to prove ownership of your NFT collection both online and at real-world events when verifiers are using tokenproof.

The tokenproof credential adheres to the Verifiable Credentials standard published by the W3C. The credential itself lives in your tokenproof Mobile App, with a registry of all credentials hosted in decentralized storage to enable interoperability and revocation capabilities.

Can I use the tokenproof mobile wallet for multiple wallet accounts?

Absolutely, you can use the tokenproof Mobile App for all wallet accounts you have enrolled in the tokenproof service.

Can I use tokenproof in more than one mobile device?

The tokenproof credential can only be synced to one single device at any one time to prevent one token from being used by multiple individuals.

How is tokenproof used Offline?

tokenproof is used to access real-world events through our ticketing capabilities that allow your NFTs to become your ticket to entry. The cool thing about tokenproof is that you won't have to touch your actual wallet to do this, and your tokens will be completely safe.

How is tokenproof used online?

tokenproof will be used to authenticate ownership of NFTs and other tokens on any tokenproof-enabled website or service for access or any other purpose.

How does authentication actually happen?

When a tokenproof credential is presented to a Verifier, the following validations are performed:

Why does tokenproof use an animated QR code?

tokenproof uses an animated QR code, which re-generates automatically multiple times per second to prevent users from authenticating a token using a screenshot or video obtained from a third party. When a Verifier scans the QR code, tokenproof ensures that it was generated at the time of being presented.

I want to use tokenproof to power my event or my token gate. How do I sign up and is there a cost?

Please email us at collabs@tokenproof.xyz. We’ll be happy to work with you and tailor tokenproof to meet your needs.

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