Events and Conferences

Enabling frictionless access to events is one of the most common use cases for tokenproof. Our seamless token-gate solution simplifies every different style of real-world gathering, from crypto-related events to standard functions. tokenproof allows an event host to configure token-gates to easily manage access control and ensure that attendees carry the necessary NFTs or tokens for entry.

Some of the powerful features that tokenproof offers event hosts:

  • Multi-layered token gates: Token gates can include rules with multiple different criteria for access, and the rules can be configured to enforce all criteria in the rule or any criterion in the rule. For example: A policy designed by an event host could require both the CryptoPunks contract and the Bored Ape Yacht Club contract for access to be allowed.

  • Flexible approval messages: Rules can trigger flexible messages within the Verifier Mobile App. For example: a rule could be used to trigger a particular token approval to be displayed as "Regular Guest", and another rule with different criteria would trigger "VIP Guest".

  • Re-entry policy: tokenproof can be configured to disallow re-entry after an attendee has previously been successfully verified or limit the number of times they can re-enter. Eligible tokens in the attendee's blockchain wallet would be marked as 'used' within the token gate, preventing someone from transferring ownership to someone else after gaining entry to the event.

  • Automated POAP issuance: tokenproof can be configured to automatically issue POAPs to attendees after a successful verification.

  • Access to Analytics: tokenproof provides live analytics within the Verifier Mobile App and the tokenproof Portal, allowing event hosts to keep a finger on the pulse of their event.

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