Online Use Cases

How tokenproof can be used online

At this time, there's a wide array of existing online use cases in which tokenproof adds value to the ecosystem. In particular, preventing the many different scams that occur online when users are connecting their wallets to an app or service and losing their valuable tokens.

As the adoption of NFTs continues to accelerate, the prevalence of malicious actors will also grow as new opportunities for deception arise. tokenproof allows individuals to securely authenticate ownership of their tokens without the need to interact (physically or digitally) with the wallet in which those tokens are stored for total peace of mind.

tokenproof can be implemented quickly and easily by online verifiers with a few simple lines of code and users only need to scan a QR code with their tokenproof mobile app to connect and prove ownership of their tokens.


Authenticating Token-Gated Websites

Tokens can be used to authenticate users into token-gated sites for simplified access. Instead of needing to connect a wallet and sign a message, users can now easily log in using tokenproof. Token-based access can be used for traditional websites or web3 platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, and other applications in which users only want to log in without transacting at the blockchain level.

Authenticating Discord Server

Proving token ownership to gain access to Discord servers with token-gated channels or to define appropriate user roles is becoming increasingly common. Yet, each time that an individual wishes to authenticate with a Discord Server they need to perform an interaction with the wallet holding their tokens, often resulting in a physical interaction (if a hardware wallet is used).

tokenproof enables users to safely prove ownership of tokens and access token-gated benefits within Discord servers via our partnership with Collab.Land.

Authenticating Allowlists

tokenproof can be used to authenticate users of certain tokens where ownership is a requirement in an allowlist for a new project's mint.

Accessing Benefits or Discounts in E-Commerce

E-commerce brands can now offer exclusive benefits to holders of certain tokens or NFTs. Online retailers can choose to create their own tokens, or offer unique benefits to third-party token holders with tokenproof used to facilitate verification of eligibility.

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