Send tickets and manage orders

Head to your event dashboard in the tokenproof Portal and click on the event that you want to manage. You will be directed to the event management page.

Send tickets

To send tickets to a specific guest...

  1. Find the "Send Tickets" button near the top of the event management page.

  2. Select the ticket type you would like to send and the amount.

  3. Enter the guest's email or wallet address, or import a CSV file with various addresses.

  4. Send tickets.

Manage orders

In the event management page, you can find:

  • All orders

  • Cancelled orders

  • Claimed tickets

  • Ticket supply

To cancel an order:

  1. Head to "All Orders"

  2. Click on the order you'd like to cancel.

  3. Double check the account name on the top right of the order pop-up.

  4. Select "Cancel Order."

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