Ticketed Event

Ticketed events allow organizers to control capacity by offering a limited supply of passes for entry. tokenproof offers various ticketing options:

Token-gating: Ticket claiming can be reserved for members of specific communities by using token gates. Example: to attend Ape Fest, a user might have to own a Bored Ape first in order to be able to claim a ticket.

Open ticketing: In other instances, organizers might choose to make the event open to everyone without needing to prove that they own a particular collectible.

Tiered ticketing: Events can include different types of tickets for holders of different communities, or for guests who don’t own any digital collectibles.

Paid tickets: tokenproof's Stripe integration allows organizers to price their tickets and ticket tiers.

Invite list: Organizers can import email or wallet addresses of guests who don't meet entry requirements but should still receive a ticket and be permitted into the event using the tokenproof app.

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